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'We're not for sale', says Greenland's foreign minister
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"WE ARE NOT FOR SALE! Fontbonne Fights Human Trafficking"

Extreme poverty ends with you. Check out original content and videos published every day to help you learn about the issues that mean the most to you. Send petitions, emails, or tweets to world leaders. Call governments or join rallies.

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  • The campaign focuses on positive stories of women who escaped trafficking.!

First of all, this is what anybody can do: tell others. There are many people out there who do not know that the problems of human trafficking and modern day slavery exist.

Stop modern slavery

Even if they do know it, many of them would dismiss it as it has nothing to do with them. Buy fair trade goods. Sure, fair trade goods like chocolate or coffee are much more expensive than regular ones, so it would be difficult to buy them every time, but what about once in 5 times? If you see someone in your neighborhood or know someone in your acquaintance that you may think may be a trafficking victim, you can seek advice from experts or tip the authority. If you feel it a little difficult to make contact yourself, let us know! See the List of Contacts.

Learn about the issue and let others know about it by reading books See the Booklist , writing a report at school, watching movies, organizing a screening event, hearing a lecture, etc. There are NGOs that are working to solve the human trafficking problems, so you can contribute by volunteering and donating to them. Illustration: Nanami Minami. Reason 1: Human trafficking is happening in Japan.

  • Stop modern slavery!
  • Greenland tells Trump it is open for business but not for sale - Reuters.
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  • 'We're not for sale', says Greenland's foreign minister.

Not only are they exploited, most of them are bonded with huge debt, unable to either change their jobs or go home, just bearing the situation. The employers, who know the situations of the workers, often treat them with abuse, violence, and sexual harassment, and do not give them medical care when the workers get injured at work. They confiscate their passports, lock them in, forbid them to possess cellphones, etc… in summary, causing various human rights violations to the workers.

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Among the trafficking victims identified in Japan today, half of them are Japanese; Japanese young women, particularly, college-age women, increasingly fall prey to trafficking. I am especially not surprised to hear it from the U.

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This chapter, along with the conclusion, is a call to any and all of us to do what we can to end slavery in our lifetime. Human Trafficking, or modern slavery as it is referred to, is a problem in the 21st "Go behind the facade in any major town or city in the world today and you are likely to find a thriving commerce in human beings. Abolitionists do not have it easy. Abolitionists and volunteers often receive death threats and must be prepared in case of a violent situation arising. One can walk down the street and see men with their "girls". The books provides heavily researched facts and outlets for one to continue sourcing information, in addition to this the use of individual stories transfigured this read into a far more personable and emotional experience.

I have been asked if I can see any possibility of positive consequences if the U. I see how Trump treats his own native population and nothing he has ever said or done makes me believe that we would be treated any better. The discussion has obviously been very intense here as well.

Local news matters.

The Danish colonization of Greenland began in when the Danish-Norwegian missionary Hans Egede came to the shores of Nuuk, now our capital city. He wanted to make the Inuit population Christian, and he succeeded despite objections from the people already living there.

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WHAT MAKES NOT FOR SALE DIFFERENT? We Follow our journey around the world as we create economic opportunity to people around the world that are . Not For Sale is a global organization fighting modern day slavery and exploitation. We are on a mission to end modern day slavery in our lifetime.

For centuries afterward, Greenland was a colony under the kingdom of Denmark. In , we were granted home rule and, in , self rule, which meant we had more power over our own land and people but not that we were independent. A lot of Danes were outraged and found it ridiculous that it was even up for discussion. The ongoing discussion between the Greenlandic and Danish populations, in which the former try to make this reality clear, receives mostly rationalizations from the side of Denmark.

If you come to Nuuk, you will see a gigantic statue of Egede on top of a hill by the harbor. While many see it as a reminder of our common history with Denmark, I see it as a symbol of the still very present and unequal power dynamic between Greenland and Denmark, with Denmark as the winning party. To be clear, my critique is about the structure and power relationship with Denmark, not a personal attack on every Dane or people with Danish roots.

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