Troisième Branle de Bourgongne

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Description Music recording — 1 online resource. Description Music recording — 1 online resource 1 sound file Summary Saltarello, no. Lautenbuch Ms. Bern []. Description Music score — 10 [i. L38 Available.

Renaissance pop [electronic resource] []. Capricci a tre voci [sound recording] : Milan, []. Capricci in musica Ruffo, Vincenzo, approximately Paris : Stil, [? Description Music recording — 1 sound disc 66 min. Summary Da bei rami scendea : madrigal Da bei rami scendea La gamba in basso e soprano O felici occhi mei : madrigal El chiocho O felici occhi mei La danza El travagliato La piva El perfidioso Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la Hor che'I cielo, e la terra : madrigal Martin minoit son portiau au marche Trinitas in unitate Martin minoit son portiau au marche Ho che'I cielo, e la terra El pietoso Dormendo un giorno : madrigal Il capriccioso Dormendo un giorno La brava Dormendo un giorno : madrigal La gamba in tenor La disperata El cromato El trapolato El Malenconino La, sol, fa, re, mi Quand'io penso al martire Quand'io penso al martire : madr.

Court jesters [sound recording] : Tudor minstrel music, dances, songs, ballads, street cries, instrumental pieces and solos from the court of King Henry VIII []. Summary Wolsey's wilde trad. La rovattina : canzoni e danze nelle corti Italiane del Rinascimento e del primo Barocco []. Milano : Stradivarius, [] Description Music recording — 1 online resource 1 sound file.

Tudor Age music [].

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  • Troisième Branle de Bourgongne?

Lancaster [England] : Griffin Records, [] Description Music recording — 1 online resource 1 sound file Sound: digital. Pope Come again! Crumpler Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda ; Ballo delle ingrate [].

Madrigals, book 8. Selections Monteverdi, Claudio, , composer. Italian lute fantasias and ricercars printed in the second half of the sixteenth century : a thesis []. Meadors, James McWhorter. M A Available. A4 B59 Available.

The praise of musicke : []. Hildesheim ; New York : G. Olms, Description Book — [10], p ; 20 cm. C Available. A performing edition and comparative study of Ces fascheux sotz, Allons allons gay, and Hors envieux by Jachet Buus []. Erlendson, William John, Description Book — 23 leaves, [34] leaves of music. E69 NO. A comprehensive performance project in trombone literature : with an essay on the soloistic use of the trombone in selected works of eighteen-century Viennese imperial court composers [ - ].

Wigness, C. Robert, [c] Description Book — v, p. The musica secreta of Ferrara in the 's. Newcomb, Anthony, Description Book — iv, leaves. Music of the Renaissance []. Musique et l'humanisme. English Goldron, Romain. Stuttman Co. G M9 Available. The performance of coloration, sesquialtera, and hemiolia [].

Collins, Michael Michael B. Description Book — v, l. C Unknown. De musica []. Anselmo, Giorgio, Firenze, L. Olschki, A Available.

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  • Bransles de champagne - Gervaise Claude | Sheet Music.
  • Branle de Bourgogne n°1 sheet music download free in PDF or MIDI.

Flos florum : Transcriptions from a sixteenth century manuscript [ Traver, Paul Patrick, [] Description Book — 43 leaves ; music : 28 cm. Der musikalische Humanismus im Jahrhundert []. Walker, D. Description Book — 76 p.

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Haussmann: Gaillarde. Haussmann: Catkanei. Anonymous: Country Dance - Running Footman. Anonymous: Country Dance - Cobler's Jigg. Sanz: Canarios. Bouin: La Montauban. Sanz: Passacalle de la Cavalleria de Napoles. Sanz: Gallarda y Villano. Reusner d.

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Poglietti: Balletto - Allemande. Poglietti: Balletto - Amener. Poglietti: Balletto - Gavotte II. Poglietti: Balletto - Sarabande. Desmarets: Menuet. Desmarets: Passe-pied. Fischer: Gigue. Anonymous: Gavotte IV. Loeillet: Suite - Corente. Loeillet: Suite - Sarabande. Loeillet: Suite - Gigue.

Lully: Une noce de village. Bach: 5 Polonaisen Wq - 1. Polonaise in D major. Bach: 5 Polonaisen Wq - 2. Polonaise in A major. Bach: 5 Polonaisen Wq - 3. Polonaise in C major. Bach: 5 Polonaisen Wq - 4. Polonaise in A minor.

Bach: 5 Polonaisen Wq - 5. Rameau: Zoroastre - Air tendre en Rondeau. Rameau: Zoroastre - Loure. Suzanne Lord, David Brinkman, Maurice Esses, Folklore Fellows, Jeffery Kite-Powell, Stewart Carter, Keith Calmes, Structurally and stylistically they should be counted as branles or as a pavane and a branle. This is another example of the use of an earlier name for a new dance, cf. The branle existed in a large number of subspecies, which probably Willi Apel, The liveliest