The Test of Faith (The Sanctuary Saga Book 2)

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Rating details. Sort order. Jul 30, Frederick Anderson rated it it was amazing. What can you say about a book that begins with a meeting of old friends and culminates in a questioning of world order? How can you encompass a Pilgrim's Progress of a journey through a land that wavers between the actual and the spiritual?

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Guided by the certain navigation of O. Tomes' pen the reader is led into a world of magic so intricate and convincing you find yourself within it, feeling it, seeing it.

The Test of Faith Book Two of The Sanctuary Saga

Her forces of darkness are dark indeed, her spirit of light and hope is dazzling. I lear What can you say about a book that begins with a meeting of old friends and culminates in a questioning of world order? I learned to love her heroes - Emily and Lori, Rosalind and Angel, but I spuriously enjoyed her demons, too. Anyone who claims they have not met Mentula at a party somewhere is disingenuous in the extreme. The blundering Patrick willl charm, the miniscule Rain will disarm.

No matter where you come from, her characters live on the page for you. But more, much more than all of that, O. Tomes stirs the fears in the underbelly of a nation. This book is nothing less than a trump for battle, a passionate and desperate plea from the heart. Jul 12, Seumas Gallacher rated it it was amazing.

However, there were no photographs to entertain my eyes. Instead, these pictures are beautifully word-painted, and eased themselves indelibly into my consciousness.

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I came at the book in spurts, having been distracted with other things I had to do over a period of a couple of weeks. The main characters, cast with courage and angst in equal measure, Emily, Lori, Ophelia and Rosalind, are planted firmly on the good side of the fight of Warriors of the Light, and are determinedly set on a mission to protect the world from the evils of the Devil and all his creepy, hideous minions. Inserted along the way, supporting figures, imbued with almost the same level of importance to the cause, appear in the form of Rain, Patrick, and Brenner.


The interplay with these three is particularly well-crafted and brings a seasoning of lightness and humour to offset the serious engagements needed to thwart the powers of evil. The balance between the spirit world and the present day is delicately spun in No Harm To Charm, making it an entrancing read, no less magical than the events leaping across the pages. This is a thoroughly enjoyable saga, and thankfully is only the beginning of a series, giving me something splendid to anticipate for my next read. May 18, Virginia McKevitt rated it it was amazing. No Harm to Charm April 16, By virginia mckevitt Format:Kindle EditionVery compelling story, deeply rooted in the world most do not see around them.

The idea of traveling through time has a different twist to it, and following the young heroes as they learn about themselves and their abilities will give you pause for thought.


This book is a journey, so pay attention so you don't miss the turn. View 1 comment.

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Boys that grew to be hardened men, violent men, men without fear and only one desire: to rise above the foul stench of the Brooklyn Streets that had taken away our souls. Southern Fiction with a message. Highly highly recommend it. Salvatore is so-so. Having come into the church as an official member in in contact with the church for about two years prior to baptism I was in the wake of the Ford Controversy. Welcome back.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About O. Born in in a suburb of Birmingham, Al. A daughter and sister, a mother and now a grandmother,I have spent my life caring for all those around me. Now with my youngest getting ready to graduate and head off to college I have found the time to publish the chronicled stories of my favorite characters, some of which were created while I was in the first grade. A weaver of tales since my youth, a Born in in a suburb of Birmingham, Al.

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A weaver of tales since my youth, as O. Tomes, I now spin the yarn creating a story line from the cloth of my life, meshing the old with the new giving way for my readers to rethink the whole concept of "good vs. I write from my quaint home atop the mountain that for centuries has been home to my family.

Some of my first memories are of telling stories to my siblings at bedtime. As I grew older, I was always the one requested to 'tell a story' around the fire at summer camp.

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There is a story to be told and so, I shall. It is not always a matter of chance that lets you see beyond a veil or one that pulls you through a veil allowing you to. The Test of Faith (The Sanctuary Saga Book 2) eBook: O. G. Tomes: Kindle Store.

The 'consumate narrator' on almost any topic usually kept me close to the line of trouble in school. She holds a B.

The Language You Cry In tells an amazing scholarly detective story that searches for -and finds meaningful links between African Americans and their ancestral past. Akua will also examine compelling theories on the implementation of reparations. This event is free and open to the public. Porgy is the first major southern novel to portray African Americans outside the stereotypes.

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