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Down the River
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When people entered the shop, she often appeared holding a double barrelled shotgun and describing herself as a "poor defenseless old lady" or calling from just off the scene to describe the many non-existent security devices she has installed. She always charged too much and "It's funny you should say that" is a phrase she used a lot. I'm not sure if it warrants an annotation, but I was fairly puzzled by this bit when I first read Soul Music.

Only on re-reading did it dawn on me that what Terry is trying to tell us here is that chalked on the guitar is the number '1'. This will turn out to be rather significant, later on. The Duchess! Oh my dear paws! Oh my fur and whiskers!

Chapters 16–18

Buy Paperback Now. There even exists a Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest, in which people try to write the worst possible opening sentences for imaginary novels. This book includes readings and activities for high school and college students to reinforce ecological concepts. However, an uprooted tree cascades into the dam and destroys it. All of these species require more study to determine their distribution, abundance, threats, and conservation status in Laikipia.

Terry doesn't like the Alice books very much, though. It was most recently reintroduced to the public as a punchline to a joke in the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit. A-wap-ba-ba-looba-a-wap-bam-boom, one of rock 'n roll's most famous phrases, from Little Richard's 'Tutti Frutti'. See also the annotation for p. Terry explains that this is "based on the UK tradition of giving horrible names to items on the school menu, such as Snot and Bogey Pie. Eyeball Pudding was usually semolina, Dead Men's Fingers are sausages.

At least, they were at my school, and friends confirm the general approach.

Eurhythmics literally: "good rhythms" is an existing form of movement therapy that originated in Europe in the late 19th century, which aims to study the rhythmic underpinning of music through movement it is of course also where pop band Eurythmics got their name from. In its early years, the more philosophical aspects of Eurhythmics were not always properly recognised, which often led to classes that were, according to one author, "little more than 'the place were the rich girls from the village went to learn dancing'", which of course ties in neatly with the Quirm College for Young Girls.

There is also a resonance here with the two of the earliest pioneers of women's education in the UK: Frances Mary Buss principal of the North London Collegiate School and Dorothea Beale head of Cheltenham Ladies College, still considered one of the poshest schools in England. These two suffragettes were household names in their time, and still retain some fame.

Their names are forever linked together in the satirical rhyme:. Miss Buss and Miss Beale, Cupid's darts do not feel. How different from us, Miss Beale and Miss Buss! It's quite a tourist attraction. A flower display common in the more genteel and down-at-heel seaside resorts in the shape of a clock face, with the design of the face picked out in flowering plants of different colours. The more clever ones use flowers which open and close at different times of day, thus in principle allowing the time to be told by looking at the flowers.

The less subtle ones just have a clock mechanism buried in the middle, and big hands.

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It begins: You'd Better Watch Out The real world equivalent of this song is of course 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'. I just love how Terry completely reverses the meaning of that song's opening line, without changing a single word. He took pity on them and threw a packet of sausages through the window.

Poetry Analysis Between Taylor Swift and William Blake

This recalls the legend of the original Asiatic St Nicholas, bishop of Myra in what is now Turkey, who threw a bag of gold on three separate occasions through the window of a poor man with three daughters, so the girls would have dowries, saving them from having to enter lives of prostitution. I don't know about other countries, but in the Netherlands we still celebrate St Nicholas' day on December 5th instead of Christmas.

Let me rephrase that. We do celebrate Christmas, but we have no tradition of a fat man in a red suit going ho-ho-ho while delivering presents. Instead, we get St Nicholas 'Sinterklaas' , who also wears red, and comes over from Spain each year don't ask to ride a white horse not named Binky, as far as I know over the rooftops and drop presents down the chimneys.

I have received I don't know how many emails pointing out that this resonates with the burning tire tracks left by the time-travelling DeLorean in the movie Back to the Future. Behind her, unseen because light was standing around red with embarrassment [ Binky is obviously going very fast, since the visible light in front of him is blue-shifted and behind him red-shifted, something normally only associated with astronomical objects. The Discworld equivalent of the Easter Bunny. It is a curious but true fact that we owe the modern flush toilet as we know it to a Victorian gentleman by the name of Thomas Crapper.

Mr Lavatory is obviously his Discworld counterpart. And before I start getting mail about it: no, Crapper didn't really invent the flush toilet himself, but he made several improvements to the design shades of James Watt here, see the annotation for p.

Best Books for Young Adults Annotated List 2004

The British expression this refers to is 'Scotch mist', used to describe things that persist in being present or existing despite statements to the contrary. For example:. Worker A: "Someone's buggered off with me three-eighths Gripley! Scotch mist?

My Little Pony is a toy aimed at young girls: a small plastic pony in bright pink, or blue, etc. Keith Death? I doubt very much if this is a true reference, but when I saw this I couldn't help thinking: Rolling Stone guitarist Keith Richards always looks like Death. No reason why Death shouldn't look like a Keith, is there? In the US this book was released under the name Behrings. He was investigating some of the atrocities being committed there, and was looking for a victim to interview. Unfortunately he didn't have a translator and the victims only spoke French. Finally in desperation the journalist wandered through the camp calling out "Anyone here been raped and speak English?

I don't have to explain what valkyries are, do I? The name D'regs is not only a pun on 'dregs', but also refers to the Tuaregs, a nomadic Berber tribe in North Africa. Should it have been called Emmenemms, or Hersheba It must be one of the most parodied, echoed and copied movies of all time -- it was so influential that it is probably where most people's ideas of the FFL originate. It is used in quite a few songs, most notably in 'Riot in Cell Block 9', a song that has been performed by everybody from Dr Feelgood to the Blues Brothers.

The Vox Humana is an existing organ stop to be precise: a reed-type stop with a short resonator, common in baroque organs , and so is the Vox Angelicii. But my sources are divided as to whether the Vox Dei actually exists. About the Vox Diabolica everyone is in perfect agreement: ain't no such thing, and never was. Owen Mwnyy is pronounced as 'Owing Money' in Welsh, the 'w' is a vowel, pronounced as a 'u'. Also, Owen Myfanwy was a Welsh folk hero, and of course all Welsh folk heroes are dab hands with the harp, which is the Welsh national musical instrument. Can't see anyone lasting long in this business with a name like Cliff '.

A reference to Cliff Richard -- see the annotation for p. Johann Sebastian Bach was invited to Potsdam for the very purpose of trying out King Frederic of Prussia's new pianofortes. Stereotypical British policeman's phrase. We're on a mission from Glod. A nice double reference. To begin with, the cartoons Terry is referring to here are Gary Larson's Far Side cartoons which I can highly recommend.

Just try to avoid the collections published after or so. They're not that bad, but the earlier ones are significantly better.

Stars Around Her

Second, there are the eternal cartoon conflicts between Elmer Fudd, hunter, and Daffy Duck, duck. Usually, when Elmer meets Daffy, it will turn out to be a bad day for him. Not a reference to anything specific, but there used to be dozens of travel books with names like "Along the [fill in river] with [gun and camera, rod and line, etc]", usually written by retired Victorian army men. Blert Wheedown puns on Bert Weedon, famous for his many "play in a day" guitar primers, which are mainly bought by doting but slightly out of touch grandmothers for grandsons who'd rather have "The Death Metal book of three chords using less than three fingers".

For a full explanation of Mr Hong's tragic fate, see the annotation for p. It led across the fields for half a mile or so, then disappeared abruptly. This would be a good description of Wheatfield with Crows by Van Gogh, who took his own life shortly after finishing this painting. Another reference to Rupert Sheldrake's theories. Louis Armstrong's nickname was Satchmo, which was short for Satchelmouth.

The 'Lemon' part of the name also ties in with black artists by way of the legendary bluesman Blind Lemon Jefferson. What was the tomboy word? Gammon, or something. Gammon is the lower end of a side of bacon. What Ridcully is thinking of is the word 'gamine', which does have the same meaning as 'tomboy'. Jerry Lee Lewis used to set fire to his piano using gasoline while playing his immortal 'Great Balls of Fire'. The day of the infamous plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens all in one go is commonly referred to as "the day the music died".

Years later, Don McLean would immortalise the phrase even further in his song 'American Pie', but that song is definitely not the original source. It starts: Helll- then drop about an octave -lllllo then up a little bit ba- huge glissando up the scale, beyond where he started aaaaaaaaaaybeeeee! This is probably just a coincidence, but Donald Turnupseed was the driver of the car that collided with James Dean in the crash that killed him.

Rose & Power

Donald was only slightly hurt. Another Blues Brothers reference. Ma Joad hurries into the woods to warn Tom that his secret has been revealed. Sorrowfully, she urges him to leave lest he be caught. Tom says that he has decided to unify his soul with this great soul by working to organize the people, as Casy would have wanted. As Ma returns to the boxcar, the owner of a small farm stops her and tells her he needs pickers for his twenty acres. Ma brings the news of the job back to the boxcar, where Al announces that he and Agnes Wainwright plan to be married.

The families celebrate. The next day, the two families travel to the small plantation, where so many workers have amassed that the entire crop is picked before noon. Glumly, the family returns to the boxcar, and it begins to rain. Rain lashes the land, and no work can be done during the deluge.

The days of wine and roses (Henry Mancini) - jazz piano solo with annotations

Rivers overflow, and cars wash away in the coursing mud. The men are forced to beg and to steal food. The women watch the men in apprehension, worried that they might finally see them break.

See a Problem?

The women know that their men will remain strong as long as they can maintain their rage. The rain continues to fall. On the third day of the storm, the skies still show no sign of clearing. Rose of Sharon, sick and feverish, goes into labor. The truck has flooded, and the family has no choice but to remain in the boxcar. Wealthy farmers, the man reports, may need workers, but they print 5, handbills, which are seen by 20, people.

The man says that his wife and children starved to death because he took them to find work in California. This worries Pa, but Casy tells him that the Joads may have a different experience than this man did. The lives of the farmers change drastically. After traveling through the mountains of New Mexico and the Arizona desert, the Joads and Wilsons arrive in California. They still face a great obstacle, however, as the desert lies between them and the lush valleys they have been expecting. The men find a river and go bathing. There, they meet a father and son who are returning from California because they have been unable to make a living.

Despite these warnings, the Joads decide to continue on, and to finish the journey that night. Noah decides to stay behind, saying he will live off fish from the river. He claims that his absence will not really hurt the family, for although his parents treat him with kindness, they really do not love him deeply.

Tom tries in vain to convince him otherwise. Soon afterward, a policeman enters the tent and rudely informs Ma that the family will have to move on.