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Eva was wearing a thong panty and a bra, both glittering. Frankie also rented the room across the hallway where the girls could change clothes. Can I be your girl for the night? He could not refuse as he wanted to be polite and not embarrass her; moreover, everyone was looking at them. Still holding his hands, she led him inside the room and before she closed the door, she looked at the guys and winked. Once Mario and Eva Marie were inside the room, Frankie flashed a mischievous grin. Finally, their evil plot to thwart the wedding of Mario and Mimi was succeeding.

After all who would give up the opportunity to make love to one of the most beautiful and seductive stars of Philippine movies? Dante, Frankie thought, must have paid a fortune for her to participate in their evil ploy of seducing Mario, then exposing his misdeeds to his bride Mimi who would renounce him at the altar.

Outside the base were hundreds of bars that offered the services of prostitutes. In a one night stand, he impregnated a poor working girl from a southern province of the country. The unlikely relationship produced a beautiful girl, who eventually became the toast of the country for her beauty. It was not enough she was beautiful. There were times when men took advantage of her starting when she was a pre-teen, a fate she could hardly avoid without a father to protect her. Eventually, she learned how to live with and take advantage of these misfortunes by becoming strong and wily.

Her mother could not care less. She was involved with drugs, a coping mechanism she used to forget, at least temporarily, that she neglected to take care of her daughter properly. When Eva Marie blossomed into a full beauty at the age of seventeen, a friend prodded her to try the movies. Your mestiza looks would project well on the silver screen.

Sell yourself to people who matter. He was about to enter the gate of the studio when he saw her standing among dozens of movie fans under the heat of the noontime sun. She stood out among them not only because she was taller but also due to her white skin and beautiful looks. She was like a gold in the sand, shining and blinking amidst the ordinary faces of regular folks. Eva Marie was delighted. At long last her break had come.

He was in his forties, a mestizo himself with curly hair and thin moustache.

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She had not thought of that question. Why should I choose you? Her insecurity crept in. Why would he choose her? She did not reply. She looked down at the floor as she could not look at his eyes. She felt weak and embarrassed, and wanted to turn around and go home defeated. Even the most popular actresses you may know. This is how movie stars are discovered. Come here, relax.

Feel at ease and comfortable. Do you want that? Now, she was less confident. The director told her to wait at his office as he had to attend to other matters first. As she sat alone, Eva Marie looked around. Promotion photos of several beautiful actresses were hanging on the walls.

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She noticed there were no photos of actors, only actresses. A girl came in carrying a tray with soft drinks, a glass, a fork, napkin, and small plate with a piece of cake on it. Eva Marie was so nervous she could not eat the cake. She just had a few sips of the soft drink and remained sitting nervously as she awaited her fate. After thirty agonizing minutes, Charlie Buendia emerged from the door of his office.

The thought of the perceived experiences of starlets wanting to be discovered, as her friend told her, came to mind. He led her out of the room, past several doors in the hallway, and out of the office building. An assistant of Charlie was with them. They entered a building equipped with movie cameras and klieg lights. A gay man, who seemed to be an assistant director, instructed her to follow a short script as she was told to act with different emotions.

She was so confused she could hardly follow the instructions. She was asked to look at different directions as beads of perspiration were flowing from her face due to the intensity of the hot klieg lights. After what seemed to be an eternity, Charlie shouted from amongst the crowd of people in front of her. She could only see their shadows as the lights were focused on her. She was sure she did not do well, convinced she had made a fool of herself. She felt angry at herself for wasting such a golden opportunity.

She remembered wanting to become a movie star for years. Her ambition to make it big so she and her mother could escape their quagmire of poverty. She had long given up on finding her American father to migrate to the United States and escape her destitute life.

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She had focused on becoming a movie star instead and take advantage of her mestiza looks she had inherited from her Caucasian father, with her brown hair, white milky skin, sharp nose and pretty eyes. She had one chance to make something of her life, and she blew it! His assistant did not follow them; they were alone in the room. Eva Marie squirmed. It was too late to take back the words. She remembered her friend telling her not to put herself to a disadvantage during a negotiation.

Admitting she did poorly was precisely just that. She should have exuded confidence, over-confidence, so she could have the upper hand in the negotiating table. It was what Eva Marie expected to hear. It felt like a bomb was dropped on her. You are beautiful and photogenic in all angles. I just need more training and experience. It was the key word he wanted to hear. He did not expect it to be that easy to convince her to do what he wished. It was too late for Eva Marie to take back her word. It was what she had promised God, remember, that she would commit a sin so long as He made her a movie star.

They both knew it meant she was willing to sleep with Charlie to get the job. She could hardly say the word and look Charlie in the eyes, yet she meant it. She was desperate. But I am willing to give you a chance because I felt I have a soft spot for you. You reminded me of my girlfriend when I was young. She died in an accident and I could not forget her. She was also pretty but unsure of herself. She looked innocent and pure, like an angel. Just like you. She was surprised he was direct to the point.

Charlie Buendia did not take Eva Marie to bed right away. As he did with other pretty girls to whom he promised stardom, he made her comfortable at first. Where do you live? Nobody should know she was a daughter of a poor prostitute in a bar outside an American military base.

Always take a taxi until you can afford your own car.

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She did not expect to experience such luxury and comfort right way. She thought it would take a while to enjoy them. Already, she did not regret her decision to sleep with Charlie Buendia in exchange for his promise of stardom. We will also provide you with nice clothes, which of course will be charged to your account. Nonetheless, she brushed the thought aside. She told her mother she found a job in Manila and would be staying with friends.

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Initially, she would report for work at the movie studio to get acting lessons. After a few days, Charlie took her out to dinner so they could get acquainted with each other. When Charlie took her home, she noticed he was carrying a small luggage with him. She knew it would be the start of their physical relationship. Charlie brought the luggage to the bedroom upstairs and put his clothing in the closet.

He removed his clothes and donned a robe. Eva Marie was uncomfortable at first but decided to do the same: it was what she was expected to do. They went downstairs and sat in front of the television set. Charlie put a cassette tape in the VCR, took two glasses from the cupboards, and opened a bottle of wine. He asked Eva Marie to sit beside him on the sofa as he handed her a glass of wine. With a remote control, he played the tape. As they were viewing the movie, Charlie took pains in explaining to her each scene, especially the acting and directions required. Eva Marie got a full understanding on the mechanics of movie making.

When the movie ended, Charlie led her upstairs. He removed her robe and then his. He kissed her tenderly as Eva Marie tried to relax. At that point, Charlie Buendia was no longer a stranger to her, as she let him take advantage of her body. It was a long night for both as Eva Marie paid Charlie for his promise. Whatever Charlie promised to her became a reality. She was in the supporting role in her first film and leading lady in her second. There was much publicity on her so she could generate her own legion of fans. But her movie did not do well in the box office.

Being Black in America Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Despite her beauty, her acting left much to be desired. Your beauty is not the girl-next-door type. You have a strong appeal on men. She had enjoyed luxury and stardom, and would do anything so they would not elude her grasp. True enough, her next movie, filled with sex scenes, became a success. She was acclaimed as the newest sex symbol of films.

Thousands of menfolk flocked to see her until competitors, younger and prettier sexy stars, started competing with her for their attention. By her fifth movie, people got tired of her and stopped patronizing her films. She could not get any more movie offers until she was forced to do personal appearances in private parties to survive, just like in the bachelor party Frankie had arranged for Mario. Eventually, she suffered the same fate as that of her mother as a prostitute, albeit a highly paid one. The two were alone inside the bedroom of the suite where the stag party was being held.

Eva Marie insisted that Mario stay. She was paid to lure him and wanted to earn her keep. Besides, if would be a blow to her ego, not to mention her reputation among the small group of guests in that stag party boisterously drinking outside their room, if Mario turned her down.

Such a rejection would be an embarrassment. I want to be faithful to my bride. Nobody will know. Of course, people would know. The two could hear them laughing, shouting, and talking as they drank. The sexy movie star was their gift to the groom, although Frankie, the organizer of the party, wanted Mario to cheat on his bride Mimi. Eva Marie was desperate. No matter what she tried, Mario was firm in his decision to leave. He pulled out his wallet and handed Eva Marie a handful of money. She suddenly realized she had fallen to such a low level of indignity, perhaps the lowest in humanity.

Sleeping with men for money was bad enough. But doing so to endanger the relationship of a bride and groom about to build a beautiful life together was much more sinister. At least give me back my dignity. He did not expect for Eva Marie to be insulted. Go on, have a good life. Of all the guests, he was the most concerned. It was obvious to everybody that nothing happened inside the room, as Mario and Eva Marie were there for just a few minutes.

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The sun was bright as Mario rose from bed ready to enjoy one of the most important day of his life. He would marry the love of his life, Mimi, the only girl he had ever loved since he was an impoverished pupil in their elementary school. He prepared his breakfast: a cup of delicious coffee, fried rice, two fried eggs, two longanisas sausages , and a slice of papaya. He normally read his newspaper as he ate his breakfast, but today he was too excited to do so. He then brushed his teeth, shaved, and took a shower. He put on a new pair of brown pants and an elegant new barong Tagalog.

Looking at his reflection on the mirror, he was pleased. At eight fifteen, he heard a knock at the front door. It was Edwin, his best man. He had told Efren to pick up Edwin earlier that day so they could go to church together. He too was at the stag party and witnessed what had transpired.

They thought you gave up a rare opportunity. But I was not. I knew you did the right thing. He had no regrets. In fact I thought she was pleased with what happened. She returned the money Frankie paid her and said she was grateful to you for opening up her mind. During the short time they were in the car, she confided she would change her life. She would no longer sleep with men and instead earn an honest living.

From now on, she would turn down sexy roles in films even if it would result in few offers. She said she had enough savings and would like to invest it in a business. She asked me if you could help her since you have the business expertise. I do not want any complications in my life, especially when a sexy movie star is involved. You have a business acumen and training, and are not married. Who knows?

You might hit it off together. As a matter of fact, that was what he hoped. Mimi Sangalang woke up early and cheerful that Sunday morning, her wedding day. It was the culmination of her long-time dream to marry a man he loved, a kind and noble person with whom she could share the rest of her life.

In Mario, she found the kind of love she had been waiting for. The cooks and other helpers worked most of the night to prepare for the feast. As planned, the wedding reception would be held on the street in front of the big house of Don Miguel. The area would cover the entire block as hundreds of guests, including all the neighbors, were invited to share the happy moments of the two lovebirds. They all saw the two grow up, and almost everyone had considered them as their own children. They were proud of the two, not only for their scholastic and professional achievements but also for their concern and contributions to improve their community.

Mimi had enough sleep. Her bachelorette party ended up at nine the night before and she was fast asleep at ten. After showering, she sat in front of a mirror as a hair stylist and make-up artist worked on her hair and face. A photographer took her picture as she posed beside her wedding gown that was spread on the bed. After she had put on the dress, another photo was taken, this time with her mother, Luisa, putting on her veil. Her father, Don Miguel, was elegantly dressed with a brand new and crisp barong Tagalog.

Her wedding sponsors, nephew Freddie, and their ward Darren were also dressed well.

By in the morning, she boarded her bridal car, a white vintage car decked with sampaguita garlands. The bridal entourage then proceeded to the nearby church, the Santo Nino de Tondo Parish, where the wedding ceremonies were to be held. She waited for ten minutes inside the car, which was parked in front of the church since she arrived early. At ten, her dad opened the door and she left the car.

They stood at the end of the wedding entourage, with the flower girls and ring bearer in front, followed by the bridesmaids and wedding sponsors. Although it was a tradition for the father of the bride to walk his daughter to the altar, it was decided Luisa would walk with them as she was also credited for raising Mimi into a noble and decent person.

In front of the altar, the groom, Mario, together with his best man and other male sponsors, awaited them. The church was filled with relatives, family friends and neighbors, all of them wishing a good life for the couple. Mimi kissed her parents when they reached the altar. It was a beautiful and memorable event. A mass was held during the ceremony and two professional singers, a man and a woman, rendered romantic wedding songs. There was a moment when some of the guests were touched by the solemnity of the occasion; many shed tears of joy. Everyone was ecstatic. Several photographers took photos of the couple, together with their friends and relatives in front of the altar.

It was a happy occasion, the fulfillment of a beautiful love story of two neighborhood kids who were not close with each other in high school but found love after they were properly educated and enjoyed successful careers. It was what any parents would hope for their children, although for his part Mario missed his beloved mother who had passed away after sacrificing so much to singlehandedly raise him and send him to school. Mimi too missed her brother Peter, a wayward person who had raped Mona, a decent but poor woman, resulting in the birth of her nephew Freddie.

Mimi was nonetheless happy that Mona had found success and happiness in the United States while Freddie was being taken care of by his grandparents, Don Miguel and Luisa. Amidst the festivity of the occasion, Frankie stood at the back of the crowd, observing the happiness of everyone.

His mission to have Mario seduced by the sexy movie star Eva Marie, thereby cancelling the wedding, had failed. The wedding of Mario and Mimi was hard for Dante, her former sweetheart. He tried his best to break up the two, soliciting the service of his friend Frankie to have a sexy movie star seduce Mario, but to no avail. In the end, Dante was left with nothing. He missed the golden opportunity of marrying the most beautiful girl in their high school. He had already won her heart; all he needed was coast along, perhaps keep his nose clean, avoid any trouble, and might be able to actually marry her.

Instead, he migrated to the United States to join his family, enlisted in the army to fight in the Vietnam War, and impregnated a Vietnamese girl with whom they had a son. They had long been separated, and he had not seen his child for years; regardless, a court ordered him to continually pay child support, a third of his pay. Upon seeing his former sweetheart when he returned to the Philippines for their high school reunion, his love for her was rekindled, He tried to win her over and seemed to be succeeding until he lost a fund-raising bidding war for the right to dance with her the rest of the night to Mario, the formerly nerdy valedictorian.

As what he always would whenever he felt bad, he went to his favorite bar and drank the night away after learning the bad news from Frankie.

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My father was an angel when he was not drinking, but was a monster when drunk , beating my mom so badly and brutally. This narrative nonfiction tells the story. Results 1 - 45 of 45 [KINDLE] My A Plus Alcoholic Father! (One Kidney Bean's Destiny) by YoonOk Kim. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device.

Now, he was virtually hopeless. He could barely earn a living, with no family to live for. All he could do was drown his sorrows. By this time, she was already pregnant. She was the prostitute he had slept with after he lost the chance to dance with Mimi during their high school reunion. He left the dance and with his friend Frankie went to a nearby bar to rue their misfortune.

One thing led to another until he found himself with Apple several times during his brief stay in the Philippines. Unknown to him, Apple had her own plan. After learning that Dante was a balikbayan somebody from abroad , she deliberately pierced the protections they used so she could be impregnated and later force him to give her financial support. With a child, he might even marry her and bring her to the United States! This way, she could send financial help to her parents and siblings so they could escape their poverty.

But you have the proof. She could hardly send money to her parents like what she used to. Apple knew they were lying so she would not worry. But she was sure they were suffering. They were getting old, and there was simply no opportunity in their province. This was why she was desperate for financially help. After all, I started this and I better finish it. I hope I can appeal to his conscience. She now realized the grim consequences of her actions. When she conceived and implemented the first part of her plan, that of piercing the protection, having sex with Dante, and hoping it would bear her a child, she did not consider its effect on the baby.

She used her child as a means of getting financial help without thinking about its fate. Again, she thought of the possibility Dante might deny he was the father of the baby. She would then be forced to raise her offspring by herself, and the two would also get stuck in the quagmire of poverty. Finally, she made up her mind. I have to be strong not only for myself, but also for my family and especially for my baby.

Before leaving, the guests from the neighborhood took it upon themselves to clean the mess. All the garbage and debris left on the street were put in the trash cans. When they were done cleaning , it looked like nothing had happened as everything returned to normal. It was dawn when the last gift was opened. Mimi and Mario drove to his, now their, house in Makati where they would spend their first day together as husband and wife.

The sun was already up when they arrived at their house. Mario happily carried his bride to the inside of the house. They kissed each other as they fell asleep in their matrimonial bed. They were too tired to consummate their marriage. The next day, Mario made a surprising announcement. Where are we going? She stole your passport and lent it to me for a few days. We have plenty.

Our honeymoon is just once in our lifetime, and I want a lot of beautiful memories about it. It was not easy. It costs Apple 5, pesos, which she could have sent to her family to ease their poor living conditions. But it was worth it. Niloloko mo ba ako What? Are you kidding me? Kailangan ko ang tulong mo. Ikaw lang ang pag-asa ko I need your help. Dante was stunned. He realized that Apple was telling the truth. A girl like her could deliberately get herself pregnant so she could get financial help from somebody like him.

You just need money. He could not believe what he had heard. Apple, a prostitute whom he just met for a few occasions, got him on the hook. But Dante did not hear her anymore. Apple felt bad. Although she expected Dante to get mad, she was not ready for his reaction. She dialed the number again.

It kept ringing but Dante did not answer. Limit Alcohol This might be an unpopular tip for you wine lovers out there, but according to the National Institute of Health, indulging in three or more alcoholic drinks per day increases your risk 1. Trust us, we love vino, too. Go ahead, enjoy a cocktail with dinner, but limit the amount you drink on a regular basis. Eat Good Food For Your Body There is so much research supporting that a healthy diet can prevent so many diseases, cancer included.

Your risk of cancer is lower if you follow a diet full of vegetables and fruits. The American Cancer Society suggests 2. But what are they? Cruciferous veggies are a more diverse group but cauliflower, broccoli, bok choy and brussel sprouts will give you a good start!

The power of a healthy diet can do incredible things for your body and your mind! Avoid Unnecessary Screening Screening for breast cancer is recommended beginning at 50 sometimes The radiation used in mammograms is actually a risk factor for breast cancer.

Breastfeed Your Babies Surprise, breast is best for your health, too! How can this be?

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Taking care of yourself starts with simple steps, but it can affect your long-term health. Follow the above tips and talk to your doctor about additional ways to prevent breast cancer. When all else fails, early detection is the key to treating and living a full life. Please share this article with other women you care about! You just might save a life! This one is so healthy and so delicious! See you soon at Destiny Medspa.

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Skin care is an act of reinvigorating self-love and we can all use more of that!