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Psychology Today. Retrieved January 19, The New Yorker. Categories : Guilt Morality Ethics stubs. Hidden categories: Flagged dictionary definitions All stub articles. So I order a vodka, and I almost always accompany it with a…. Speaking of being tired of flavor, I could really go my whole life without having to choke down another smoked mocha porter, cardamom stout, or quadruple-hopped 3-hour IPA.

But rather than being a purely reactionary choice, crappy beer is a true guilty pleasure : I like the taste. I will drool like a dog at the mere mention of Irish cream. I even use those little International Flavors non-dairy Irish creamers in the morning. I shudder in horror when I think about what life must have been like before email and BFKs, and I thank my lucky stars every day that I only had to endure three miserable years before all was right with the world.

And here it is:. Enjoying one is the guiltiest — and the most pleasurable — of guilty pleasures. So there you have it, internet pals. My five dirtiest secrets. And we smiled and clinked glasses as we felt the guilt. I really enjoyed this post! Damnit Jeff, I think you nailed all of my guilty pleasures as well. Word on the street is that Camper English is a sucker for vodka too. So refreshing. Very curious about the Jagerita. I can get on board with most of your guilty pleasures—Pina Colada, yum.

But I will tell you why. Because I hate licorice.

Carbombs, yikes. In October. Eugenia — I forgot to mention that I prefer to eat Doritos while consuming any or all of the above beverages. I try to encourage our dear guests, to drink whatever they like — whitout any justification. Suck it J-Mo!

Whatcha lookin’ for?

Jeff, Great Post! Jeffrey, my name is Christine, and I introduce myself as the one person you can say you may know who detests Jaegermeister. Ask my husband, Keith Waldbauer. Ask our dear friends Erik Witsoe or Agnieszka Thompson. Ask anyone I go for a drink with…if shots of Jaeger are passed around I opt out. I hate the stuff…which pleases Keith to no end so he can have a bottle at home without any danger of me sampling now and then. What really cracks me up are the Grey Goose and Red Bull drinkers.

What a waste of time and money.

Top 10 Best 2000s Guilty Pleasure Movies

Oh and my dirty drinking secret is that I like everything. Especially the liquid candy that is Jager! Me, you, and Barbara West. Next year. Jager and Miller Hi Life by the pool. Done and done. I despise crappy beer! Jagermeister is growing on me. This probably more than anything else endears me to my girlfriends German family. They drink it constantly! I like Cement Mixers oddly enough. You should try a Brain Hemmorhage. Sometimes I just like ordering it for the weird and confused looks I get.

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You are now the icon post for the study! Well, that is not entirely true. I love its effect on others. I need to make it back to Eugene soon. Nice post. But then again, I do drink beer for the flavor. Crap beer?

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I could forgive you just about anything because you make such great cocktails and you funny, but this? This cuts me to the quick. Beaumont — I finally picked up a Saison Dupont last week and found it to be delightful. Every bartender I know likes the shot and cheap beer. A lot of them around here use Grand Marnier, though.

I would go for an Iron City over a Bud any day. If only they distributed Yuengling in Oregon!

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Curious (Accepting Life's Guilty Pleasures) eBook: Dominic Tolson: Kindle Store. [BOOKS] Curious (Accepting Life's Guilty Pleasures) by Dominic Tolson. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online.

The pina colada, though. I have to admit that I have a dirty little secret myself.

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I like the occasional pour of Alize, especially if there is sparkling wine in it. Sooo ghetto. I had a great copywriter once tell me, writing is easy, just put a piece of paper in the typewriter hey, it was a long time ago and open a vein. Steve Olsen gave a great presentation at Tales definitively demonstrating there are differences. Admittedly, they are relatively small compared to the differences in, say, bourbons, or other aged spirits. He spoke at our recent US Drinks Conference in London and had the whole audience drooling during his presentation.

Another MxMo which I missed! Anyway Jeffrey, you are a much more guilty pleasured person than me…. But you really surprised me: Beer — well you are American; this is not a guilty pleasure, this is patriotism!

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In those simpler days, I could identify most of the major brands by taste with one sip. And I definitely had preferences. I still hold prejudices against the ones I decided to hate…. As soon as you mix it with almost anything though, you can forget the differences between anything over eighteen bucks a bottle. The only truly wrong aspect of Jagermeister is the Frat kid who orders it from me, with his popped-up collar, his sporty wristbands, and his sunglasses on at in the morning, and insists in dropping it in Red bull.

Your top 10 drinks brought me to the blog a while back. This cements the deal. I think these are the best drinks that prompt us to see what else is behind the bar. I dunno about that false modesty about your talents, Morgenthaler. Your writing keeps me entertained for hours….

God help me LOL. Most people hate the stuff. My real guilty pleasure drink is the Mai Tai.

Guide Curious (Accepting Lifes Guilty Pleasures)

In most respectable Hawaiian in Hawaii joints, they serve them in a lowball with just maybe a pineapple slice on the rim — not all umbrella and cherry in a massive daquiri glass like here on the mainland. A true Mai Tai is nothing to feel guilty about. The original recipe is not muddied with fruit juices or purees. It is a balanced and delicious cocktail that if any real bartender respects themselves, they should know the true recipe.

Thank you Martin Cate for changing my drinking perspective with Tiki. After a hard days work the best tasting beverage is a a light mass produced beer. Also, I agree on the Baileys—in a fireside Mudslide and yes a poolside Pina Colada is a great summer rumshake! But only one. Would Tanqueray on the rocks, dirtied with a couple barspoons of anchovy stuffed olive juice, and a trio of olives fall into this category?

I have to agree with Jeff on the shot and beer.

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MD makes me see clearer than a cop on the prowl. Gin and tonic can leave it slippers under my bed any night! A chiparinia is like sleeping next to a brazilian girl. Ha, great list. I have mixed feelings about cheap beer, though. Pina coladas are freakin amazing, I actually added some angostura last time I decided the calories were worth it, and it was heaven. I work at a higher end restaurant on the island of Kauai but was trained in California on classic style cocktails.