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Having launched in , x. Meekan reminds you upcoming dates, events, appointments, meetings. However its language manipulation capabilities earned it a spot on our list and Automated Insights boasts that it is the only public API for natural language generation. Just add Wordsmith to your Excel, Word or Tableau document and it will use the underlying data to prepare concise verbal summaries of the data.

Wordsmith creates. You can check out Wordsmith gallery to get a sense of its natural language generation capabilities. We associate news with speed and this is an area where bots already exceeded us. English translation by Quartz:. The game last for 46 minutes, world ranking No.

The game was held at Riocentro — Pavilion 4 on August 15, am, Beijing local time. In true Olympic spirit, Xiaomingbot had an American contender.

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Medals as of a. Medals leader board 1. Leaders of this domain can be successful if they can build a powerful solution. Chatbots have a big role to play in complex B2C sales like car sales where chatbots can answer even complex questions quickly. As an additional bonus, chatbots provide a consistent sales experience across a wide range of channels.

As their names clearly explain, these chatbots replace your forms and ask users questions to fill your forms. While they can be useful in some use cases, there is definitely no need to turn all forms into conversations. Simpler forms are much easier to fill out as traditional forms. Duolingo, the foreign language learning app, is running a bold experiment with its M users.

After discovering that people do not like to make mistakes in front of other people , Duolingo is encouraging them to talk to bots. So AI replacing foreign language tutors soon. But who will need to learn a foreign language when Skype will probably be able to do real-time translation at or above human level?

Skype is already providing OK real-time voice-to-voice translation. Millions in funding is not necessary to create value. Not bad for a free service! It always brightens my day to receive these emails. I wish the local governments would just follow the rules pic.

It asks simple questions and helps complete the application. Users pay to print the documents, which they mail to the government. The next steps can range from reading doctor recommendations, scheduling a virtual or in-person doctor visit to seeking urgent care.

Melody collects symptoms from patients and summarizes them to doctors. Since diagnosing is pattern matching, it is not inconceivable that chat bots will one day be diagnosing us and prescribing us medicine. It launched as an iOS app in Available at a phone number, Tess uses a variety of psychology approaches to support patients and allow psychologists to engage with a higher number of patients.

They had 3 major learnings:. Everyone knows how painful it is to organize a trip. Travel agencies make this more stressful by trying to get you to buy immediately showing ever increasing prices and a sense that the best deals are getting away. Easier solutions are ready. Everyone needs a friend who is born organizer so that, plans everything, check flights, suggests where to go, where to eat etc. This bot is everything you need for your travels.

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Any notification can be directed to the messenger. This can be regarding the delay or a friendly reminder for check-in. In turn, users can engage in conversation with them both, they can update their meal preference or seat setting. This, in turn, provides greater engagement with the customer. Making it easier to collect more data and control it through one platform.

Swelly is a chatbot for getting your friends opinion regarding your decisions. Users ask their friends about what to wear, how to respond to messages and a myriad of other things. Admittedly, Swelly provides limited value, you could just ask friends for opinion. However, thanks to its viral aspects, it experienced strong growth and reached over 2 M users.

However as the CEO admits , it has problems retaining its users. Polly is a survey bot on Slack and Microsoft Teams. Though online survey tools are probably as old as internet, Polly adds a level of interactivity not promoted in typical survey tools. Polly is mostly used to collect employee data like employee satisfaction seamlessly on collaboration platforms. Boasting quite a few Fortune references, Polly seems to be gaining traction.

Now that you know about these success stories it is time to dive into the key takeaways. This entertainment bot is your late night friend. This bot is only chatty between 11pm and 5am. You can say anything to it and it will reply. To get a chat going, send a text to The weather bot that gives you detailed and personalized weather reports each morning has some kind of humor. Financially and user traction-wise, it is one of the most successful bots ever.

It seems that we were right to be concerned about the value of the service. Poncho was acquired for what seems to be an immaterial amount. The scope of your chatbot is crucial.

Save for 2 bots, all bots in the list are laser focused. For example, Wordsmith takes in structured data to prepare reports, visabot prepares immigration forms. At least for now. It is difficult to market your bot given intense competition in the space. Every problem has multiple bots trying to solve it! The successful bots really solve a specific problem like scheduling meetings or generating reports. Since you came this far, you are probably excited about launching your own chatbot. There are plenty of platforms that allow you to build bots in a matter of hours. And if you are working for a large company, there are full service chatbot companies that can take your bot concept from idea to implementation.

We have an exhaustive list covering both categories. Hope your bot makes it to our list soon! And please comment if you believe we are missing out any important bots in this list. That percentage is surprisingly close to the number of B-to-C respondents making similar reports. See Figure 2. B-to-B companies are leveraging social business both within their organizations and outside them.

Common uses of B-to-B social business include knowledge sharing, collaborating with business partners and using social data analysis to inform product development. In previous reports, we detailed several strong B-to-B social business initiatives. SAP, for example, developed an online developer community where millions of users of its enterprise software share ideas and help.

Recruiters at Covance, a drug development services company, turned to tweets to connect prospects to company scientists and create relationships based on scientific curiosity and dialogue. BASF, a global chemical company, has developed a social business platform to improve its operations worldwide. The barriers to social business success remain stubbornly consistent. Although their order of importance shifts from year to year, the top three barriers are the same:. However, the growing sophistication of social business measurement signals the ultimate dismantling of these barriers.

Today, companies are increasingly using traffic measures and anecdotes. Companies at the high end of the social business maturity scale are moving beyond traffic measures, and they deploy operating and financial-based measures that show the impact of social business on bottom-line results. See Figure 3.

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The sophistication of measures continues to advance as well. His team is responsible for all media, including TV, digital and out-of-home marketing.

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It is more about understanding which social efforts will become the glue that makes you a social business. Use cases and the power of narrative continue to have a role, whether social business activities are being used for marketing or other organizational purposes. T-Mobile USA is a case in point.

Losing large numbers of subscribers, T-Mobile moved quickly into action. The company identified at-risk customers using names and the geo-location of their tweets. T-Mobile then tracked these customers in its CRM system to engage them specifically. Before customer contracts expired, T-Mobile marketed to these subscribers in real time, stressing the advantages of T-Mobile.

BASF is also meeting business objectives with its social business program. A globally dispersed team, for example, needed to contract a new vendor. Using connect. BASF, the team eliminated several impediments to productivity that were draining time and resources. A misunderstanding on a conference call, for instance, was quickly identified and resolved in online exchanges, preventing team members from moving in different directions. On-boarding new team members also was able to move very quickly — new members could simply read the project diary instead of taking the time of other team members to get up to speed.

Consider a global financial services company we spoke with. Shortly after launching its internal collaboration platform, leaders asked users who they knew at the company and who they considered experts in the online community. The company found that most employees identified experts in the U. In response, the organization analyzed its social network and identified champions in different parts of the world to help drive adoption and knowledge sharing in their locales. Through social business, the company elevated expertise from a U. Cross-border collaboration is not without its challenges, however.

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Beyond Marketing and Building Relationships - How Social Media Saves Lives - Kindle edition by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt. Download it once and read it on your. [EPUB] Beyond Marketing and Building Relationships – How Social Media Saves Lives by Anne-. Sophie Reinhardt. Book file PDF easily for everyone and.

Although the accuracy of translation software continues to improve, Dion Hinchcliffe, chief strategy officer at the consulting firm Adjuvi, is quick to point out that there are issues beyond language. We also found that social business continues to play an increasing role in day-to-day decisions. These life events predict the need for investment advice.

The adviser can then congratulate the client on social, but also reach out in the real world at the right time with relevant financial guidance and products for that milestone.

Similarly, while T-Mobile was monitoring trends in social media conversations, it discovered that mobile customers across the board were fed up with long-term contracts. That insight led T-Mobile to make the bold move to eliminate those contracts. In contrast to predictions by social business skeptics, we found a distinctly optimistic view of the organizational impacts of social business.

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Not all companies have the same ability to create social business value. See Figure 4, page Our survey and analysis found that social business maturity is associated with the level of results companies achieve. We found that the higher a respondent rates his or her company on this social maturity scale, the more likely he or she is to report that social business creates real value. See Figure 5. We also found that businesses at the top ranks achieve their maturity by focusing on these three primary drivers: 3. Although becoming a mature social business represents a major transformation that lasts several years, our analysis found that the endeavor can move forward in small, incremental steps.

Moving up the maturity scale, even one rating point, can lead to better results. The Red Cross, for example, started by addressing sentiment in the blogosphere. Gradually, over nine years, the organization expanded its social business capabilities to identify disasters as they were happening and to manage its trucks. In the remainder of this report, we look at how companies are moving up the maturity scale. Mature social businesses are dramatically more likely than other companies to report effective use of social business data.

See Figure 6. Monitoring is the foundation of using social business data effectively. Monitoring involves more than real-time tracking, however. Businesses should analyze results over time in order to identify opportunities for change and impact. Wayne St.

Amand, former executive vice president of marketing for Crimson Hexagon, a Boston-based social media monitoring and analytics company, tells the story of a speculative analysis it completed for Slime brand tire products. Accessories Marketing, Inc. Through an analysis of the social media data it monitored, the company discovered that bicyclists were talking about using the product to prevent flat tires—revealing new marketing opportunities to promote the product for that all-new use.

Engaging with the social environment is the next step. It uses heat maps and advanced analytics to track issues by country and peak hour and then engages with airline passengers about those issues. In highly regulated industries, engaging with customers may be extremely challenging, but companies are moving forward nonetheless.

For instance, the health care organization Kaiser Permanente worked closely with regulators to create a pilot program where the company could reach out to its members who were expressing concerns and complaints in social communities. Kaiser Permanente engaged with members in real time and directed some to offline grievance and complaints processes when the situation warranted.

Analysis of our survey results finds that integrating social data into systems and processes is the most important hallmark of mature social business data use. For example, Facebook is partnering with other companies to help them integrate their data with information from other sources.

The social media company combines native data — information people share with Facebook — with online and offline data from brands to generate powerful marketing insights. For instance, a large consumer products company may want to know what kinds of comments specific consumer groups are saying about its products and what television shows they watch.

T-Mobile is embarking on a future where social business data is deeply integrated into its operations. That means more than just launching a new Twitter handle. Our survey found a powerful relationship between visible senior leadership support and social business maturity. This leadership support is clearly visible. Effective senior management support, however, is a high-wire act that must carefully balance top-down pressures with mechanisms that foster bottom-up creativity and ingenuity.

Senior leaders need to fuel grassroots efforts and create a subtle balance between pressure and freedom. At BASF, for example, senior executives began by encouraging social media experiments, especially those that involved different business units. As some of those efforts started to show promise, company leaders announced a mandate to create a global collaboration platform to improve operating efficiency. At BASF today, employees continue to find ways to take social efforts to new levels, and the initiatives often have board-level sponsorship.

BASF to share their thoughts and interact with employees.

A global financial services company took a similar tack by bringing leaders and employees together to drive social initiatives. The company started with a grassroots effort that identified social business champions who would help build momentum. The balancing act is no easy matter. In many organizations, for example, leaders are not accustomed to everyone in the organization speaking on its behalf.

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Employees may not be either. Companies should train their workforces in social business and equip them with skills for engaging with the public. Leaders should also be cognizant of cultural differences. John Glaser, CEO of health services at Siemens Healthcare, points out that cultures have established norms of leadership behavior. In some cultures, such as the U. In others, such as Germany and many parts of Asia, title is important and sets a different set of expectations and communication parameters.

Finally, when senior leaders use social media themselves, it does reinforce their commitment. We just needed to organize, fund and support it. Wendy Harman began her tenure at the Red Cross by helping the organization use social business for marketing. Today she is leveraging social business to change how the Red Cross operates. Our survey found that maturing social businesses are on the same track. In the first year of our study, we created the MILO framework to track the development of social business across the enterprise: how companies are using social business to improve marketing, innovation, leadership and operations.

See Figure 7. This year, we found that mature social businesses are moving beyond marketing in their quest for social business impact. See Figure 8. New ideas abound in the minds of employees. The challenge is bringing them to the fore so that company leaders can assess and act on them.

These executives have money to fund the ideas of their choice. Successful founders leave with funding and the green light to develop their ideas. These ideas are eligible for a second incubation period in which the ideas move from prototype to production, and toward deployment to customers. To date, TIP has produced more than 28, ideas. MITRE is using social business to spur innovation among its partners. MITRE is a nonprofit organization that operates federally funded research and development centers sponsored by U. Fostering knowledge exchange within and among the research centers is a chief component of its mission.

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MITRE has established several communities to help government agencies address complex questions, such as controlling costs. The Department of Defense, for example, needed to understand the expenses involved in building a new testing and evaluation facility. Within 48 hours, the department had detailed information and recommendations from other agencies that had embarked on similar projects. Similarly, a research center funded by the Department of Homeland Security focused on improvements in first-response organizations such as state and local police.

The online exchange drew hundreds of members of first-responder organizations who were able to share lessons learned. Talent has been appearing on lists of top CEO concerns for years. At the same time, social business is becoming a powerful tool to bolster recruitment and employee development. Founded in , USAA is a diversified insurance and financial services company that caters to individuals and families that serve or have served in the U.

In , the organization had more than 10 million members. Using rich media, including video and photos, the company paints a vivid picture of the advantages of a USAA career and the experience of working there. Social media is also accelerating the identification of top prospects. Two hours later, a preferred candidate popped up.

USAA also uses social business to on-board and retain talent. To smooth their transition from the military, USAA has established several social business communities that provide mentoring. By integrating social business into operations, companies can gain a competitive edge by meeting customer needs in new ways. KLM is a prime example. Using Facebook and Twitter, the airline has replaced the need for elite customers to phone call centers to book upgrades. These customers can now request and pay for upgrades through social media sites and receive a new boarding pass within minutes.

KLM also uses social business to improve its lost-and-found service. Now, passengers can report a lost item through Facebook and Twitter, and KLM picks up the message and advises personnel to check planes, lounges and boarding areas. It really it gives us an edge over other airlines. The emergence of new technologies that combine enterprise social data with information from other sources, such as ERP systems, is providing companies with a clear line of sight into their operations and how collaboration can foster improvements.

Building Relationships on Social Media : Marketing vs Prospecting

When delving into their internal social business platform, they found a vibrant web of experts in the organization who were regularly working with one another to vet proposed arrangements. Using collaboration tools, these employees could find people with specific expertise and, equally important, time to help review the partner deal. Avaya, a provider of business collaboration and communication software, is another example of a company that uses social business to improve customer service. That person can see if other associates had the same issue and, if they did, how it was resolved.

Finally, social business has the potential to transform government operations. Moving social business beyond marketing creates a virtuous cycle that reinforces social as a source of business transformation. The data from each initiative informs which will have the greatest impact, and how.

That knowledge arms leaders with insights into new potential initiatives. When the company launches those, the virtuous cycle begins anew. To wrap up our third annual report, we share some advice that can help business leaders take the next steps toward increasing the social business maturity of their organizations. These insights come from our survey results, the interviews we conducted, the literature we read and robust debates we have had about what insights would be most helpful.

Increasingly, corporate leaders realize that social business is changing the way organizations operate and the experiences they provide to their customers and constituents. The foundation of that realization is a steadfast belief that social can effectively transform an organization.